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Multi-Instrumental Music Production

Rob Ahlers lives and breathes music and plays well with others.

A lover of all genres in all applications, Rob can help you create the music you crave for whatever purpose you desire.

Rob’s music has been featured on Bojack Horseman (Netflix), Scrubs (NBC), CougarTown (ABC/TBS), America’s Prom Queen (ABC Family), independent film Vigilante, Vigilante (Open Ranch Productions) and Highways (IEG Motion Pictures).

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Composition Reel

"Click It Away"
Hip Hop Playground
Children's TV show

"Dolores - a Triptych"
Gina Margillo
Film Short

"Art Tots"
Amy and Ryan Honey
Film Short

"Imagine a World of Love"
Self-Love Series - Christine Arylo
Promotional Film

Why Rob Ahlers?


Born and raised in Los Angeles (now Oakland), Rob's worked with many industry veterans from the 80s to present.


Rob can compose, learn and perform music of all styles fast and easy.

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Rob has played all over the world which informs his vast knowledge of music of all kinds.

What They Say About Rob

“Rob Ahlers is extraordinarily talented and incredibly humble. As a session or live musician, he is my go to for important projects. He is on time, in tune, and his playing on any of his instruments is deep and explosive but always tasteful. He is equally talented as a songwriter and as a composer. Furthermore, he is also a great presence in the studio, in the van, in the green room, or on stage. You will be glad that you booked him!”
Brian J. Kenny (Country Tick Records) Producer, Songwriter, Performer

“Whether in our band or my solo material (or anyone really), Rob always finds the exact right thing to play on every instrument. I don't tell him what to play either, he just gets it. ”
Kristin Hersh (founder of Throwing Muses, 50 Foot Wave, solo, author, indie rock icon)

“Rob Ahlers can turn any music into a masterpiece. His production work on my Yellowthroat LP helped me realize my grand vision and it helped me find my voice.”
Fred Abong (Throwing Muses, Belly, solo)

“Why Rob Ahlers? Why the *%$k not? Is there anyone more uniquely qualified for that full 360 degree service with a smile and a guitar, drums, maracas, spoons, etc.? Is there anything Rob can't do - I don't think so."
-Gina Margillo (Documentary Filmmaker)

“Rob Ahlers hits his drums with Bill Ward-esque (Black Sabbath) power”.
-Mojo Magazine (UK)

Possibly the hardest drums to ever grace an indie rock record.”
-Drowned in Sound review of Rob’s drumming on 50 Foot Wave’s Power + Light EP, 2009

“Rob Ahlers, who plays with enormous power and what sounds like desperation, as if his drums need to be constantly beaten off with sticks lest they do him some kind of physical injury”.
-Songs From So Deep music blog

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